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Art.No. 8700 - Small model:

Outer dim.      1500x1500mm

Jumping area  1000x1000mm

Safety area     4000x4000mm


Art.No. 8710 - Medium model: 

Outer dim.      1750x1500mm

Jumping area  1250x1000mm

Safety area     4250x4000mm 


Art.No. 8714 - Medium+ model: 

Outer dim.      2000x2000mm

Jumping area  1500x1500mm

Safety area     5500x5500mm 


Art.No. 8720 - Big model: 

Outer dim.       3000x2000mm

Jumping area   2500x1500mm

Safety area      6500x5500mm


Art.No. 8730 - XL model: 

Outer dim.      2500x2500mm

Jumping area  2000x2000mm

Safety area     6000x6000mm 


Art.No. 8800 - Round model Ø 1700mm: 

Outer dim.      Ø 1700mm

Jumping area  Ø 1200mm

Safety area     Ø 4200mm


Art.No. 8810 - Round model Ø 2400mm: 

Outer dim.      Ø 2400mm

Jumping area  Ø 1700mm

Safety area     Ø 5900mm

All models are delivered 

ready-to-install, including metal

frame and surrounding rubber slabs.

Jumping area consisting of Heavy

duty plastic segments in Black

colour. The bouncing elements are

Equipped with hinges which allow

For opening for the purpose of

cleaning. Certified by TÜV