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Ergonomic Jump-Off safety bar, Art. no. 1256 10 A

Products always to be mounted according to EN 1176 

Application: M5 and M6 swing chain connection.


Advantages on Standard two swing frames:


  • Very confortable sitting position.
  • Offer your customer an additional option.
  • Added design value.
  • Control the jump off direction = Added safety
  • Mount them so that the 2 swings do not have the same jump off direction*
  • Upgrade existing swings quick and easy. 


Other Product highlights:


  • Ergonomic

  • Durable

  • Added safety.

  • Suitable for 5 and 6mm chain.

  • Can be mounted on existing swing chain without any disassembly.


Further applications:  


  • Mandatory requirement as per EN1176 for contact swings/hexagon swing arrangement.




  • Stainless Steel tube

  • Tube partially covered with black PU compound

  • Chain housing made hard durable plastomer compound


On Standard two swing frames, it can advantageous be used to achieve opposite jump off direction. The advantage being that you achieve an added safety, meaning you avoid that the children  jump off simultaneous, with the risk of hitting each other.