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T-Swing, Art. no. 1253 19 A

This product is not certified, but constructed according to EN 1176

Products always to be mounted according to EN 1176

Application: complete swing set with 2 swings





Solid construction made of two heavy duty Hot Dip Galvanized parts


  • Swing points are integral with the top swing beam, and supplied with our stainless steel swing fitting.
  • Center post is made with a base plate ready for concrete foundation.


 Some of the advantages of this construction, we would like to highlight


  • Very cost effective swing construction.
  • Strong and heavy construction makes this swing suitable for areas where vandalism is a consideration.
  • Assembly and installation is quick and easy.
  • Ideal for areas where space is limited.
  • Safety area is typical smaller compared with traditional swing constructions.
  • The packing of the unit is quite compact, and therefore transport friendly – Again cost effective.



Please Note :

Bolt to be retighten at every inspection