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About R&T Stainless A/S


The company was established since 1973 with headquaters and manufacturing plant in central Copenhagen.

Our main area of business was supplying stainless steel equipment for the marine / boating industry in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and France. In 1985 the recession hit Denmark and the rest of Scandanivia, resulting in a decreasing demand for sail boats and boat related equipment.


In 1987 R&T Stainlesss changed its product range, concept and design and moved the headquater and production facility 10 km out of central Copenhagen and reinvented the company as a supplier of stainless steel single components for the playground industry, using our experience and know-how from our previous line of work. We  were proud to be able to apply our high quality production methods to from the boating industry to the childrens play areas.

Today we are one of the leading suppliers in the European market, with a fully satisfied client base from which we are happy to supply site references.


We are providing low maintenance components and high resistance to vandalism, cost effective and long life expectancy.


All R&T Stainless playground components are designed for commercial use. We are designing according to EN 1176, and a major part of our products are tested and approved by TÜV Product Service in Munich, Germany. Planning, Design and development all undertaken by our very qualified staff.